Research Associate/Lab Manager

Weijue Gao

Dr. Gao obtained her PhD from Lakehead University in 2013. She has expertise in colloid and surface science as well as membrane bioreactor. She joined BURL in April 2015 and is conducting research on wastewater systems.

PDF (Post-doctoral fellows)

Ahmed Soliman

Ahmed received his Ph.D. degree in Sept.2017, NSA Lab, Kyoto University, Japan. He has experience in surface engineering, self-assembly of monolayers (SAMs), thin-film engineering, development of nanomaterials, micro-engineering, and photolithography. He is interested in surface science and its related applications.

PhD Students

Jonathan A. Diaz Baca

Jonathan obtained his MSc from the Research Center for Food and Development A.C, Mexico, in 2014. He is experienced in working with natural polymers, from their extraction to their chemical transformation. He joined GPRC in 2018 and is currently working on the study and chemical modification of lignin extracted from tall oil soap and the modification of starch.

Rozita Zare

Rozita is currently a Ph.D. student in the Biotechnology program at Lakehead University. She obtained her MSc in Natural Resources Engineering-Forestry and has experience in climate change areas. She is now working in the Green Processes Research Center under the supervision of Dr. Fatehi. Her research is focused on lignin nanoparticle aerogels to develop new green products to protect the environment.

Shrikanta Sutradhar

Shrikanta Sutradhar had completed his BS and MS in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He had been working as a Research Fellow at Pulp and Paper Research Division in Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) for more than two years. Currently, he has been conducting his PhD research under Chemistry and Material Sciences in Lakehead University focusing on lignin oxidation for various applications.

Yichen Liao

Yichen has finished his MSc in Lakehead in Membrane Photo-bioreactor (MPBR) in 2016, and he joined the GRPC in 2018 and currently studying on microalgal biofilm studies.

Fatemeh Hassan Pour

Fatemeh has a MSc in Chemical Engineering from American University of Sharjah (AUS). She investigated the pyrolysis of food waste into bio-oil and biochar for her Master’s thesis. Her main interests are waste management and green and sustainable energy. In Dr. Fatehi’s lab, she is working towards production of conductive and antibacterial lignin nanoparticles.

Duowei Lu

Duowei Lu finished his MSc of environmental engineering at Lakehead University in 2018. And he Joined GPRC in 2018 and has experience with numerically characterizing surface and interaction simulation.

Banchamlak B. Kassaun

Banchamlak B. Kassaun has a MSc in Leather product design and Engineering from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. She explored the development of natural fiber reinforced natural rubber for shoe sole in her master’s thesis. Also spent a three-month internship at Qilu university of technology, Jinan, China working on Lignin based hydrogels for dye absorption. In Dr. Fatehi’s lab, she is working towards utilizing lignin for coating materials.

Saba Khodavandegar

Saba Khodavandegar has obtained her BSc and MSc in Applied Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry from Urmia University, Iran. Saba investigated the new ligands, Coordination of transition metals, DFT calculation, and Crystals for the Master’s thesis. Currently, she is doing her Ph.D. in Green Process Research Centre in the Material of science program at Lakehead University. Her research focused on modifying lignin to produce Aerogels as thermal insulation products with flame retardancy properties.

Research Assistant


MSc Students

Ameena Bacchus

Ameena earned her bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Lakehead University in 2021, after which she joined the Green Processes Research Centre. Her research is primarily focused on the effect of drying on the physical and chemical properties of lignin and its derivatives. In her spare time she enjoys running and hiking, taking advantage of Thunder Bay’s bountiful and beautiful nature trails.

Seyed Mohammad Emam Mian

Mohammad obtained his bachelor’s in chemical engineering from University of Tehran, Iran in 2021. He is studying towards a master’s degree. His research is focused on lignin based emulsifiers and its application in oil in water emulsions.

Past researchers

Nasim Ghavidel (PhD), Dec 2021.

Sanaz Sabaghi (PhD), Dec 2021.

Zahra Hosseinpour Feizi (PhD), Sept 2021.

Armin Eraghi Kazzaz (PhD), Sept 2021.

Niloofar Alipoormazandarani (PhD), Sept 2020.

Leila Nazemnejad (RA), Dec 2020

Derya Hopa (PhD), Sept 2020.

Dmitry Tarasov (PhD), Sept 2019.

Yongchao Zhang (intern), Sept 2018.

Agha Hasan (PhD), Sept 2018.

Solmaz Heydarifard (PDF), May 2018.

Yanzhu Guo (PDF), Sept 2018.

Minoo Ataei (MSc), Sept 2018.

Malak Aldajani (MSc), Sept 2018.

Haosong Zhao (MSc), Sept 2018.

Xiaoqi Wang (MSc), Sept 2018.

Samira Mansouri (PDF), May 2018.



Thomas Aro (MSc), Sept 2017.

Mohan Konduri (PhD), Sept 2017.

Xiaoqian Chen (PhD), Sept 2017.

Yonghui Sun (PhD), Sept 2017.

Emad Alzahrani (MSc), Sept 2017.

Shoujuan Wang (PDF), Aug 2017.

Khatereh Bahrpaima (PDF), May 2017.

Alyssa Zerpa (MSc), Sept 2017.

Yiqian Zhang (PDF), May 2017.

Emad Alzahrani (MSc), Sept 2017.

Nehal Alakhdar (MSc), Sept 2017.

Zainab Alkhalifa (MSc), Sept 2017.

Jackie Price (PDF), May 2017.

Joshua Duncan (MSc), Sept 2017.

Norah Alwadani (MSc), Sept 2017.

Melika Roohafza (Intern), Jul 2016.




Steve Beery (Intern), Nov 2015.

Robin Couch (Intern), Jul 2015.

Ali ShiraziAzizi (Intern), Oct 2015.

Wenming He (PDF), July 2015.

Fangong Kong (PDF), Aug 2015.

Robin Couch (Intern), May 2015.

Courtney Moore (Honor thesis), April 2015.

Germaine Cave (MSc), Sept 2015.

Farshad Oveissi (MSc), Sept 2014.

John Inwood (MSc), Sept 2014.

Kristy Parhiala (Intern), Aug 2014.

Mehdi Dashtban (PDF), Sept 2013.

Nour Eddine El Mansouri (PDF), Jan 2013.

Benjamin Ong (Honor thesis), May 2013.

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