Reactors/Other Items

Parr reactor tool

Parr Instruments-4575 series

Parr Instruments 4500 series

Parr Instruments-4560 series

AutoClave Engineers Reactor

AutoClave Engineers

White Stirred Parr Reactor

Parr Instruments-4768 series

Parr Instruments 4622 Series

Parr Instruments-4622 series

Pulping digester Greenwood

Pulping digester-Greenwood

long Jar tester

Jar Test

refractometer mettler todelo

Refractometer-Mettler Todelo

Particle Interactions

Particle Interaction FBMA-E25

FBRM-Mettler Toledo-E25

Biolin E1 Particle Interaction

QCM- Biolin E1

VSA Formulaction


PDA Micrometrix


Tensiometer Sigma 700 Biolin

Tensiometer Sigma 700-Biolin

PALS Zeta Analyzer

90Plus PALS Zeta Analyzer

Capillary Suction Tester

Capillary Suction Tester-OFITE

Theta Lite Contact Angle

Theta Lite Contact Angle

Denver Froth Flotation

Denver froth flotation

Britt Synamic Drainage Jar

Britt Dynamic Drainage Jar

Analytical Instruments

Analytical Instrument

GC-MS Shimadzu QP2010S

SRI Analytical Instrument

GC 8610C SRI Instrument

GPC Malvern Analytical Instrument


HPLC Agilent 1260

HPLC-Agilent 1260

Ion Chromotography

Ion Chromotography-ICS 5000

Blue Elementar TOC analyzer

Elementar-TOC analyzer

Red Elementar CHNSO analyzer

Elementar-CHNSO analyzer

DLS Brookhaven BI200

DLS-Brookhaven BI200

Refractive Index Brookhaven

Refractive index-Brookhaven

BET NOVA Autosorb

BET NOVA-2200e Autosorb


Thermal Rheology Titrators

TGA-i1000 Instrument Specialist

TA Instrument DSC-Q2000

DSC Q2000 TA Instrument

DHL Rheometer Instrument

Rheometer DHL2 TA instrument

BrookField Viscometer

Brookfield viscometer

Metrohm 785 Titrino

Metrohm 785 Titrino

Metrohm Titrando 905

Metrohm Titrando 905

Bi ZTU Titrator

BI-ZTU Titrator

Mutek PCD04

Mutek PCD04

Titronic 300

Titronic 300

The facilities available in the Instrumentation Laboratory of Lakehead University are also accessible to researchers working at BURL, if needed: Lakehead University Instrumentation Laboratory