Reactors/Other Items

    Parr Instruments-4575 series

    Parr Instruments-4560 series

    AutoClave Engineers

    Parr Instruments-4768 series

    Parr Instruments-4622 series

    Pulping digester-Greenwood

    Jar Test

    Refractometer-Mettler Todelo

Particle Interactions

    FBRM-Mettler Toledo-E25

    QCM- Biolin E1



    Tensiometer Sigma 700-Biolin

    90Plus PALS Zeta Analyzer

    Capillary Suction Tester-OFITE

    Theta Lite Contact Angle

    Denver froth flotation

    Britt Dynamic Drainage Jar


Analytical Instruments

    GC-MS Shimadzu QP2010S

    GC 8610C SRI Instrument


    HPLC-Agilent 1260

    Ion Chromotography-ICS 5000

    Elementar-TOC analyzer

    Elementar-CHNSO analyzer

    DLS-Brookhaven BI200

    Refractive index-Brookhaven

    BET NOVA-2200e Autosorb



    TGA-i1000 Instrument Specialist

    DSC Q2000 TA Instrument

    Rheometer DHL2 TA instrument

    Brookfield viscometer

    Metrohm 785 Titrino

    Metrohm Titrando 905

    BI-ZTU Titrator

    Mutek PCD04

    Titronic 300

    The facilities available in the Instrumentation Laboratory of Lakehead University are also accessible to researchers working at BURL, if needed: Lakehead University Instrumentation Laboratory